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The U.S. Navy Operational Global Ocean Model (NCOM) developed and maintained by the Naval Oceanographic Office (Baron et al. 1 & 2) is used as the basis for the OPC Global Ocean SST & Currents Forecast. NCOM is a 1/8 degree resolution model that serves as the Navy's operational global Nowcast/Forecast system. NCOM is based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM). The surface boundary conditions for the NCOM model, including wind stress, heat flux, and salt flux are provided by the Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS). The Navy Modular Ocean Data Assimilation System (MODAS) provides the data assimilation for NCOM including SSH and SST. For more information about NCOM see:

Overview by NRL or

NRL Press Release


1. Barron, C.N., A.B. Kara, H.E. Hurlburt, C. Rowley, and L.F. Smedstad, 2004: Sea surface height predictions from the Global Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) during 1998-2001. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 21(12), 1876-1894.

2. Barron, C.N., A.B. Kara, P.J. Martin, R.C. Rhodes, and L.F. Smedstad, 2006: Formulation, implementation and examination of vertical coordinate choices in the global Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM). Ocean Modeling, 11, 347-375, doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2005.01.004.

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