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About Ocean Prediction Center 

Ocean Application Branch
Problems with our products
If you are having a problem with our products not being current please verify that your "cache" is not causing the problem (further information).

Another potential problem is with printing our products our products. The B/W gif charts are too large for printing. If you need to print a chart the TIFF format may be used (TIFF Viewer).  A common problem with the loops available on our web site it that you must ensure Java is enabled in your browser.  If you are seeing a big 'X' or an error message such as'Applet AniS...' instead of a loop then it is likely that Java has not been enabled or installed (test whether Java is enabled).

Receiving Our Products through E-mail

Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules For Our Products
Ships at sea receive analysis and forecast graphical products issued by our office. The products are transmitted by the U.S.C.G.  through High Frequency (HF) single side band (SSB) shortwave signals which are decoded by Weather FAX receivers aboard vessels at sea.

HF-SSB Radiofacsimile Schedules

World Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules

Broadcast Schedules Of Coastal/Offshore/High Seas Voice Products

Guides To Using Our Products

Outline of Ocean Prediction Center Products

  • Marine Weather
     The analysis and forecast of marine weather are created for several areas. The offshore products includes the coastal and offshore waters close to the mainland of the U.S.A. and the High Seas for areas well offshore and the offshore areas north of roughly 30N in the North Atlantic and North Pacific.

  • Ocean Products
     In addition ocean analysis and forecast products cover a larger areal extent than the marine weather. The products available include Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) and currents over much of the the Atlantic and Pacific basins.

    Other National Weather Service Offices that provide similar "marine weather" products as the Ocean Prediction Center include:
  • National Hurricane Center
  • National Weather Service Honolulu Forecast Office

Marine Weather

  • Atlantic & Pacific
  • Briefing list of latest text and graphical products

NWS text forecasts with coastal, offshore, and high seas areas. Also includes International text forecasts

Use the link below to get text messages, maps of forecast areas, and the issuing forecast office which includes international offices.


  • Unified Surface Analysis

    The Unified Surface Analysis sphere includes  the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and includes North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia continents by combining weather analyses from the National Weather Service Offices of the Ocean Prediction Center (OPC), Hydrometeorlogical Prediction Center (HPC), National Hurricane Center (NHC), and the Honolulu Forecast Office (HFO).

  • Unified Analyses
Coastal Guidance

Extratropical Storm Surge model produces numerical storm surge guidance for extratropical weather systems out to day 4 along the United States coastline. The model uses real time output of wind and pressure from the NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS).

Ocean Products

Composite analysis images of satellite-derived sea surface temperatures (SST) and forecast SST & currents which includes the Atlantic and Pacific.
Archived Versions Of Products

Text and Graphics
  • Marine weather loops are available for the past 14 days.
  • Archived marine weather charts are available online from NCDC for the past year.

  • NCDC for official certified copies of the latest and past marine weather products more than 1 year ago.

  • Access archived OPC products

Experimental Products
The experimental products are not yet operational, but are planned to be operational in the future.

Satellite Data

Satellite imagery for oceanic areas that encompass the Ocean Prediction Center areas of responsibility and include outside regions.
Quality Control Of Marine Observations

Real-time interactive quality control of worldwide surface marine meteorological data is performed by meteorologist at our office prior to being assimilated into numerical model guidance.

NOAA/ National Weather Service
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